• Joy Dakers


As featured in "Uniquely Aligned" April 30th 2020.

My vision for this piece of work was to portray how everyone is currently wrapped up in the news. Each piece in the series is to emphasise how the news is everywhere, and in today's connected world no-one can escape. Often whilst in isolation, I found myself thinking about the news and watching every news update. I soon realised it was becoming an unhealthy habit and was consuming my life with worry. This is the inspiration for this piece. I decided to go for a black and white shoot as I felt it tied in with the idea of a ‘grey area’ in news broadcasting where often different people and areas portray the news in different lights. Nothing in this hyperconnected world is black and white, there will always be a hazy grey which is an accumulation of many different factors acting together to create any uncertain outcome. Being informed by the news is one thing but feeling smothered and exacerbating fear is another. This series shows how fear through the media can have you looking and hearing out for anything that could be dangerous until eventually, the fear smothers everything. During this time of intense confusion and vulnerability, fear and the media can act together to create an echo chamber in your mind that nothing can alleviate.  It is important to stay informed and stay safe but remember to always look after your mental health when it comes to media overexposure.