• Joy Dakers

Friendship and Identity

To me identity is fluid. It is something that can be lost, found and turned upside down. Identity is something that is integral to your person but something that many people struggle with their whole lives. I have found myself that identity is a constant tug of war between what people want you to be, how you want to be and who you really are. However, the one thing that has been constant in my identity is my friends. A group of girls that no matter what I am or how I identify will always be there to support and help me on my identity journey.

Throughout life identity will always be evolving. You will find things you like, dislike and love. Friendship is something that can help you evolve in so many ways and that is why I believe is is crucial to identity. Because you don’t only have self-identity you have things you identify with. Finding friends that you identity with helps with evolving your moral identity and what you believe in, it helps you feel accepted and that being yourself is ok. Because, Hey … all these cool people are being themselves too!

Friendship is not only crucial in finding self identity but also in helping you remember that its ok to be you and in offering support when you feel you have lost track of who you are. often childhood friends offer the most pure form of re-self identification. Throughout life we do change, of course, but the friends you make when you are young often know you deeper and have been on that journey of change with you.

That is why when I decided to do a project on identity I chose to do a personal concept around how friendship aids identity and is in many ways core to identity and identifying with others. I enlisted the help of my closest childhood friends and tried to capture the strength they offer each other and the emotional connection. They are 4 completely different people but they identify through morals, humour and many other things that allow them to form a deep connection. The support they always lend each other has no doubt helped them become the strong women they are today. The purity childhood friends can bring to your soul is refreshing and often needed throughout life. They are there to remind, support and accept and when on a constant journey of trying to self-identity these things are crucial.