• Joy Dakers


Inspired By:


A moment is precious

you’ll never get it back.

You can revisit it,

and revisit it

like a favourite book,

a story, your favourite track.

No words will describe.

No pictures can portray.

What the feeling in the moment was

In that second,

in that day.

There’s no point in dwelling

for history has made note.

The only thing left is

the crystallised happiness,

In your mind.


No money is worth the moment,

no mention in the history books.

For a moment is more than remembered,

it is treasured.

It is cherished.

Until with you,

it will perish.

Looking out to sea,

time stops.

It’s just you and me.

The ongoing horizon


In this moment

we are mesmerised.

And soon the moment

will fade into existence.

Only to remain

in the minds of those it