• Joy Dakers

MAY '20 ... A Working Week - Life in Isolation

Background: Inspired by Cousin IT. I noticed many photographers were taking to self-portraits in this difficult time. As much as I love photography I prefer to stay behind the camera... however, Cousin IT inspired me to take to the limelight. Here is the result. A week in the style of a Cousin IT.

P.s This is purely fictional. No offence intended to any Cousin IT's out there. No Cousin IT's were harmed during this shoot.


IT's week begins on Tuesday because let's face it - Monday is not a fun day. Luckily in isolation IT decides what day the week begins. So for IT this week begins with a weekly shower because IT believes you should start the week fresh.


Yesterday was a tough day for IT. So IT takes the day off - it is midweek after all.


IT began watching Netflix this morning but it's now mid-afternoon - where did the time go eh? Watching Netflix all day is very hard work so, the rest of the day IT takes some time to itself and practises makeup. IT believes the best look is a brushed hairdo, lippy and a wee bit of mascara. IT suggests you go for whatever you like though. Only you can decide what you feel good in!


ITs favourite day! It's basically the weekend so IT likes to take this time to binge out and eat and drink as much as IT wants. Isolation Friday's aren't a time to worry about diet - its a time to relax and try to take your mind off whats going on in the outside world. IT is very good at this... let the 4-day weekend roll in.