• Joy Dakers

Indiana Joanna - Lego adventures P1.

I've recently been having some creative fun in isolation! Using the great outdoors and a tiny Lego figure I became inspired by a post sent to me by a friend. It features Erin Sullivans (@erinoutdoors) incredible miniature model photography. I thought I must have a go! I'll be uploading this series in instalments of all the exciting adventures 'Indiana Joanna' got up to. She's a strong female leading her own story in the great outdoors. Despite being a Lego I hope she inspires some people to believe that they can do anything they want whether it is to go swimming or abseiling alike.

This week it is the River adventure. Be prepared to be amazed by the surfing, swimming, and sunbathing Indianna Joanna goes through regularly. There's no outdoor feat she cannot do.